thecrewJames Billy Hill III – Director/Writer : As a film graduate from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington he has worked in the local film industry for over 5 years in various capacities for indy films, HBO, CW Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Warner Brothers. He has pursued his passion for making engaging, bold films by directing, editing, and producing various short projects and promotional video’s through his production company. Troubled Water’s is his feature length directorial debut.

Drew Croley – Producer/Assistant Editor: With a degree from Montreat College in Business Management Drew has cultivated a passion for entrepreneurship and business. Working for NBC, Warner Brothers, CBS, and FOX, his love for creating films, while seeing the impact of his work on people’s lives as a professional photographer, videographer, and Location Assistant he has come on board as a producer and uses his skills in various manors for Troubled Waters.

Andrew Stein – Writer/Producer: A professional writing major from The University of North Carolina Wilmington; he discovered his love for writing at the age of 13, he has written and co-written screenplays for numerous projects and is actively editing work for emerging authors. Andrew has a personal connection with this story, having worked with the people of the Andes on numerous occasions. As a passionate writer and a lover of expression through film, Andrew provides a clear, creative voice to this project.

Esteban Daniel Rodich – Composer/Soundtrack Producer: Esteban Daniel Rodich is an award wining folk singer from the Chaco region of Argentina. He preforms throughout Argentina and has played alongside some of Argentina’s most famous folk singers. He has produced, written, and recorded three beautiful songs for Troubled Waters.

Juan Manuel Leguizamón – Lead Editor: During his career, Leguizamón has created a distinctive approach to film, mixing narrative, documentary and advertising media. His work has been acknowledged and awarded internationally in major film festivals and has been shown on HBO and other outlets.

Philip Wicker – Social Networking Producer: Born and raised in NC, Philip has taken the position as the social networking producer for the Troubled Waters Documentary. With that role, he has been able to put into motion his skills utilizing multiple social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter & Blogs, to create a presence and movement for the film.

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