jamesdrew18th annual Cucalorus wraps up four days of creativity, crowds

“…Later Sunday afternoon, TheaterNOW screened “Troubled Waters,” a work-in-progress directed and co-written by James Billy Hill III, an alumnus of the film studies department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

“Troubled Waters” focused on Hill’s father, Jim Hill, a lay missionary from Mooresville, who set out to bring clean water to San Antonio de los Cobres, a small town in the Andes Mountains of northwestern Argentina.

Arsenic from volcanic rocks in the area was leaching into the town’s water supply, at 10 times the level considered safe by physicians. Hill, who has grandchildren in Argentina, tried to find a workable filtration system.

Technical problems and bureaucratic delays, however, meant that Hill’s quest would take eight years. Meanwhile, as James Billy Hill told viewers after the screening, what he’d planned as a five-minute documentary grew into a 90-minute feature…”

From Star News By Ben Steelman

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