img_0518Troubled Waters is an incredibly personal documentary to me. I grew up traveling with my parents living in children’s orphanages and small rural Argentine towns. There are people I have met and love whose only source of water is killing them and they have no idea. This minute the child you see on this website is probably drinking a glass of water that will give him cancer. Culture tends to be silent about these issues of injustice until someone or a group finally speaks up.

This documentary is about an injustice that has occurred. Growing up I have seen people who have lived under the injustice and corruption of other people; some were my best childhood friends. The people of San Antonio de Los Cobres are people who have suffered under a form of corruption. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” For years the people of San Antonio have suffered, our film shows what happens when good men come along and finally indeed do something.

We are not here to point fingers with this documentary; we are here to bring justice to these people. This documentary exists to give these people, and others who silently suffer from dangerous drinking water, a voice. We want to show the hope that a small group of people can bring simply by standing for what is right and moving in compassion towards their fellow man.

It is our hope that this film can wake people up in Argentina and other places around the world about the need to solve the issue of poisonous drinking water. We hope to screen this film to government officials, schools, and in other civic organizations throughout Argentina and South America.

Troubled Waters has become part of my being. I feel like I have to shout out what is happening to these people. I have a commitment to this film that goes beyond interest, or a career. My life is involved in this film and I am going to make this film no matter what the circumstances might bring. I hope whoever might be reading this statement can catch hold of that vision and that we can share in the hope for these people. No matter what amount of energy or money donated to this project it is sewn into the fabric of justice in this world.

I thank you personally for the time you have spent reading this statement and I hope you will consider supporting this pertinent film.


James B. Hill III

Director – Producer

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